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Echelon™ Plus Aluminum Fence

Echelon Plus™ ornamental fences and gates offer the classic look of ornamental fencing with the durable, no-maintenance appeal of aluminum. Satisfy all your objectives with a wide variety of options, designs, and styles crafted for outstanding value and a fence that will last for years.

Echelon Plus™ fence was engineered to be one of the strongest aluminum residential fence systems on the market. Designed using larger pickets, rails, and posts to achieve an 8' post spacing, Echelon Plus™ reduces installation costs. Assembled using a retaining rod through the pickets, these panels have the solid look of ornamental iron, without the high maintenance of welded panels.

Because it's made from aluminum, red rust problems will not develop to detract from the beauty of your fence. All Echelon Plus™ components are powder-coated for durability, and to keep your fence attractive for many years. A Limited Lifetime Warranty reinforces your peace of mind in knowing you've purchased the best aluminum ornamental fence available.

Echelon Plus™ fence panels are attached to posts using brackets for added strength, security, and a finished professional look. Your fencing can be customized with ornate finials, scrolls, rings, and your choice of two distinctive picket tops and post caps. Gates are made to match each style, and all components are welded for a rigid, maintenance-free gate. Special gate hardware is used for safe and smooth gate operation. Styles have been adapted to meet most pool codes in your area, and provide a safe perimeter fence around your pool. Echelon Plus™ is an ornamental picket fence designed for greater strength than other residential aluminum fencing. A powder-coat finish provides superior durability, while also making the picket fencing virtually maintenance-free. Choose from a complete selection of styles, options, and colors available.


Echelon Plus™ was designed for the rigorous demands of the residential homeowner. The attractive finish and extruded aluminum structure combine to provide a fence system able to withstand harsh corrosive environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Extruded aluminum components prevent red rust formation.
  • Powder-coat finish protects product while enhancing its appearance.
  • All components are pre-punched or drilled prior to powder-coating.
  • Unique rail design allows secure picket attachment without visable fasteners.
  • Components are assembled using a retaining rod through the pickets for a secure connection.
  • Panels are secured to posts by bolting of brackets to each post for stability and security.
  • Numerous style choices, adornment options, and picket tops allow for greater design flexibility and customization to match or complement your architecture.
  • Gate components are welded to form a rigid aluminum frame that won't rust and will provide years of maintenance-free operation when used with special gate hardware.
  • 8' wide panels reduce installation time and labor.
  • Posts, rails, and pickets are larger than most standard types of residential aluminum fencing. Larger posts, rails, and pickets provide a sturdier fence and give a more substantial appearance.
  • Interior brace on posts allows for 8' wide sections and increased fence stability.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty provides confidence and the assurance that you've selected the best aluminum fence available.
  • Selection of special gate hardware to meet your application.
  • Pool fencing available to meet most local building codes.

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Echelon Plus™ fence was engineered to be one of the strongest aluminum residential fence systems.

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