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Montage Ornamental Fence

Montage® fences are all purpose, all terrain, all weather panels built for your budget. An ornamental innovation, Montage® panels are made by fusion welding galvanized steel components; then applying an epoxy and acrylic double layer of e-coat protection. That means you get the superior protection of a maintenance-free environmentally friendly coating on all surfaces and edges of the fence components. Montage® meets the needs of all basic residential perimeter and pool applications.

Along with e-coat protection, Montage® panels offer another innovative feature: All Terrain Fence (ATF). If your home or commercial complex is set on a hill or gradual incline, the Montage® fence can easily follow the slope for ease of installation. Montage fences are made in America and come with a 20 year warranty.


  • Rigid panel strength derived from fusion-welding is twice as strong as aluminum fencing
  • Punched rails and welded construction gives smooth fastener-free 'good neighbor' panel profile
  • All Terrain Flexibility (ATF®) allows fence to handle grade changes up to 45º
  • All components (pickets, rails and posts) made from pre-galvanized steel substrate
  • Steel material is environmentally friendly; minimum recycled content is 62%
  • Immersion e-coat process ensures double protection, epoxy and acrylic, both inside and out
  • 20 year limited warranty backed by the world’s largest ornamental fence manufacturer
  • Boulevard brackets ensure stronger connection than can be achieved in punched post systems
  • Optional Pool, Pet & Play® 3" air space panels available for greater safety and containment
  • Comprehensive style selection and choice of extended pickets or flush bottom rails
  • Complete line of decorative finials and rings to further customize the ornamental look
  • Complete line of welded swing gates to match all fence styles and heights

Classic (Spear Point)

Majestic (Flat Top)

Genesis Quad-Flair

Genesis Triad

Accessories to customize your fence

Ornamental Fence Models

Classic Premier
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'forerunner rail'.

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Montage fences are made in America and come with a 20 year warranty..

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