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Privacy Wood Fence

Privacy wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, and helps control noise, wind and sunlight. Taylor Fence versatile wood fencing lets you choose from a variety of styles to find just the right one to transform your yard into an attractive, yet secure, retreat.

The style and decorative touches of a fencing system can enhance the look of your property and character by becoming an integral part of your landscape. The construction of your fence may also reflect the architectural style of your home.

Your local area will determine which species of wood are readily available. The primary species or groups of wood used in privacy fencing are:

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Northern White Cedar
  • Whitewoods
  • Treated


The shadowbox system consists of face boards, rails, posts, caprails and fascia boards. Fascia boards are horizontal fence boards placed at the fence top and bottom, in some styles, to give a more formal appearance

Solid Board

The solid board system consists of face boards, rails, posts, caprails and fascia boards. Fascia boards are horizontal fence boards that are placed at the top and bottom of the fence to give a more formal appearance


The lattice system consists of the lattice panel, horizontal rails and vertical rails (vertical rails when installed as a panel). Some designs include a horizontal kickboard at the bottom, for easy replacement if the base of the fence should become damaged


The faces of the colonial-design, stockade style can be rounded and smooth or left naturally rounded and rustic. It may be assembled as components or installed as a panel with several options for the backrails. This style wood fencing is usually built as a mortise-and-tenon rail-and-post system

Wood Fence Models

Privacy Wood Fence
The many designs possible with wood allow you to create a fence that's both beautiful and functional.

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Spaced Picket Wood Fence
The style simply depends its use: borders, protection, or privacy.

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Spaced Board Fence
Primarily used in front or side yards where visibility is important.

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Lifestyle Wood Fence
Choose the LifeStyle™ Fence System that best fits the design and layout of your yard.

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PostMaster Steel Posts
Provide long-lasting durablity for
wood fencing.

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Wood Post & Rail Fence
Post and Rail fencing systems use the least amount of wood.

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